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Center for Neurodiversity

The Center for Neurodiversity aims to advance an understanding of the benefits of a neurodiverse society.

Landmark College was built on the belief that neurodiversity is a strength, and the Center for Neurodiversity highlights that strength. We champion cultural and scholarly perspectives that further the understanding of neurodivergence in society. The Center is fueled by the collective energy of educators, students, employers, researchers, and others who are invested in its mission.

About neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is a social ideal based on a biological fact. The human brain is the most complex thing on Earth, and every brain is different. Neurodiversity is about what that should mean. Instead of separating people into normal and abnormal, neurodiversity asks us to accept variation. To us, it means that autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities are valuable forms of humanity that enrich culture. New ideas, insights, and unique ways of viewing the world come from diverse minds. This is a strength.

“Nothing about us without us”

We believe in the saying “Nothing about us without us,” that has guided disability advocacy. Our community is made up of neurodivergent and neurotypical people working together. Many faculty and Board of Trustees members identify as having a learning difference, and many do not. Our students are diverse, but they share personal experience with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or autism. Our strength comes from combining unique perspectives, experiences, and skills for a common good.

We believe that...

…brain-based diversity should be understood as normal, beneficial, and essential for human progress.
…welcoming communities are essential to foster social change and a sense of belonging.
…neurodivergence is an identity, not a medical diagnosis. People may adopt the identity with or without labels.
…people decide for themselves how to engage with the neurodivergent label and the community.
…neurodivergent people should be included in all endeavors about them.
…neurodivergence is linked to exceptionality and disability. Both are important to recognize.

What we do

  • Host events for the local community
  • Share work and opinions from neurodivergent individuals
  • Offer internships to neurodivergent students at LC
  • Support student advocacy
  • Speak about neurodiversity at schools, workplaces, conferences, and community organizations 
  • Promote neurodiversity-friendly hiring and employment practices 
  • Write about neurodiversity for publication in external sources

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